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Adapt and Transform

Responding to the emergence of rapidly changing and adaptable threats

National Security and Resilience combines national security needs with an in-depth understanding of the design and implementation of resilience solutions.

The Importance of Organizational Resilience
Global turbulence is expected. Competition, instability and uncertainty are constants in a changing world. Organizations face an unprecedented and growing number of potential disruptions to the status quo and the best laid strategic plans. As history repeats itself, prominent organizations will fail unless modern risk management and governance models incorporate scalable resilience metrics.

To survive and prosper in this new environment of heightened uncertainty and change, organizations must move past traditional risk and governance models and focus instead on resilience. Resilience applies at all levels: national, regional, organizational and corporate.

Working collaboratively and cooperatively to provide unique, world-class security and resilience solutions in the face of increasing natural and man-made risks and threats to Governments, corporate organisations, major events, transport systems and critical national infrastructure.

This years NSRC Conference takes the shape of a Half Day Workshop

The Impact of Bioscience, Biotechnologies and Biometrics on Organisational Security

21st February 2018- 2pm-4.30pm

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Terrorism is a major threat for businesses. Terrorist groups may seek to cause harm to the economy as a whole by attacking business premises or they may seek to attack specific businesses to advance their political agendas. The threat is not confined to the UK; companies that do business overseas may also be targeted. MI5

The National Security & Resilience Conference, hosted by the National Security & Resilience Consortium (NS&RC), will help you identify the future threats to your organisation and help you strategise and plan for your business security and resilience.

Organisations cannot remove all of the possible threats they face but, in addition to the security measures in place to protect their most valuable assets, they should also have plans and strategies to respond to serious incident and the contingency arrangements for getting back to ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible. CPNI


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