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Mike Surridge

Mike Surridge

Research Director

University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre

United Kingdom


Dr Mike Surridge is a Professorial Fellow and Research Director at the University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre. He has over 25 years’ experience in IT research and has published approaching 100 scientific papers. His current research is on the convergence of services, networks, content and devices known as the Future Internet, focusing on dynamic security, business and trust models, and risk management and adaptation in multi-stakeholder ICT systems. He coordinated FP7 ICT-SEC SERSCIS (dynamic service oriented architectures for critical infrastructure protection), and led work on combining socio-economic and IT security views of trust in a knowledge base in FP7 ICT OPTET. He was a co-founder of the EC/NESSI Software and Services Trust and Security Working Group and chaired it for many years, was a member of the Steering Board of the Effects+ Trustworthy ICT Coordination Action, and the EC Future Internet Architecture Board established to provide technical input to the FI-PPP in FP7. He leads a portfolio of security related projects at IT Innovation, including H2020 5G ENSURE (on security in 5G networks), H2020 OPERANDO (on privacy in online services), UK ASSURED (model based analysis of compliance with NHS security regulations) and CSCE (evaluating the effectiveness of IT security measures for SMEs for the UK government). He also contributes to the GCHQ Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security at the University of Southampton.