National Security & Resilience Conference

Tony Maher

Tony Maher MSyI, MInstLM
Head of International Secure Minds Training Academy (iSMTA)


Tony Maher served as a Royal Marines Commando, was commissioned from the ranks in 1990 and made the transition to the Corporate World in 2001.

His work has afforded him truly global experience, often in non-permissive environments in Third World and Developing Nations, establishing infrastructure, assessing risk, protecting people and assets, managing projects and building relationships.

He has represented the UK Telecommunications Industry in matters of Fraud and Crime to senior governmental level and acted as the link between the ‘industry’ and Law Enforcement Agencies at home and abroad.

Tony was the Head of Corporate Security and subsequently Chief Security Officer to the UK elements of an international communications corporate.

Over the years he has worked against organised and petty crime, fraudsters, kidnappers, extortionists, paramilitaries and maritime pirates.

Tony is the Head of the International Secure Minds Training Academy (iSMTA), which develops and promotes international security-based e-learning courses and supports the Manifesto of the UK’s Security Institute.

Tony is a Member of the Security Institute, the Institute of Leadership and Management and the UK Foreign Policy Group. He is a long-standing Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society.
Whilst happiest away from the limelight, he has Chaired and presented at national and international fraud, security and regulatory conferences and has contributed to media interviews in UK and abroad.