National Security & Resilience Conference

Day Two

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Wednesday 9 November

9.30am – Why energy security is so important
Everything today needs energy to run, without it nothing else works – IT, telecommunications, transport networks, schools, hospitals, offices, motor vehicles – everything! The UK energy policy has a profound impact on the country’s economy, its vision and exposure to macro economic risks and vulnerabilities. With the high possibility of new UK energy plants having foreign investment/ownership, what impact does this have on the energy policies in the business environment, how is national and energy security affected and will the escalating regional wars and natural disasters impact the energy wars?
Chair: Mike Fuller, Director, Global Resilience
– Senior Representative, Dept for Energy (invited)
– Senior Representative, National Nuclear Laboratory (invited)

10.15am – Are we being Smart?
In the age of smart grids, smart cars and smart hospitals, actually how smart are we? The smart grid and increased connectivity to the Internet brings very real threats and new risks to the energy and other industries, exposing critical information, data and systems to increased vulnerability. What privacy and cybersecurity measures need to be taken alongside the implementation of the smart grid.
Chair: Mike Fuller, Director, Global Resilience
– Chris McIntosh, CEO, ViaSat UK
– Board of the European Energy Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (EE-ISAC)

11.00am Networking Coffee Break

11.45am – Cyber Innovations and Future Proofing against Cyber Threats
Understanding the developing IT and cyber threats is key to enhancing cyber security protocols for any corporation or government department, but what do we mean by cyber threats in todays interconnected world? Security and resilience is led by the right strategy and planning, but greatly assisted by leading edge technologies to deliver the right levels. In a more connected society and increasing cyber attacks on our inter-connected society and businesses, what is the future in detecting, protecting, trusted communications and safety critical and security critical software?
Chair: Dr. Adele Carter, Director, Kiteway
Cyber Innovation in Aerospace/Materials – Dr David Standingford, Director and Co-Founder, Zenotech Ltd
Cyber Innovation in the NHS – Automated Cyber Security Analysis and Security Assurance – Dr Mike Surridge, Research Director, University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre
Cyber Innovation in Education – educating managers – creating capacity and creativity as a basis for resilience –  Dr Philippa Ward, Reader in Services Marketing, Faculty of Business, Education and Professional Studies, University of Gloucester

1.15pm Lunch Break

2.30pm – PANEL DISCUSSION: Space and Resilience
National Security and Resilience relies upon scientific, technological advancements and the methodologies which integrate them to maximum effect.
Countries are turning to Space for developing and enhancing their National Security and Resilience for three principle reasons:
• Political prestige and the international influence space activities deliver.
• The technological capabilities that space programmes create or reinforce
• The informational advantages space assets and services can bring to military, civilian and security operations and specifically to strategic planning for security.
Space is a force multiplier, with the European Space Agency and UK space companies increasingly sitting at the forefront of initiatives. Such is the speed of expansion surrounding space related activity, that it is an era which also highlights efforts to internationalize norms and build coalitions.
The NS&R Space & Resilience panel brings together some of the UKs leading space experts for an insight into space entrepreneurialism, the challenges and benefits of advancements and achievements in space science that will deliver greater national security and resilience.
Moderator: Mike Fuller, Director, Global Resilience
Chris McIntosh, CEO, ViaSat UK
– Alan Brunstrom, Liaison Officer, Telecommunications & Integrated Applications, European Space Agency
John Worthy, Partner, Technology, Outsourcing and Privacy, Field Fisher

4.00pm Conference Close by Richard Barnes, Former Statutory Deputy Mayor of London