National Security & Resilience Conference

Adele-Louise Carter

Dr Adele-Louise Carter, TD, DBA, MBA, BSc(Hons), FBCS, CEng, CITP, MCMI, CMgr
Director, Cyber Resilience
NS&RC Cyber Security Lead


Dr Adele-Louise Carter leads on cyber security for the NS&RC and is a Director for Cyber Resilience, an International Start-up Company. With a 25 year career in Military Intelligence, Engineering, IT and International Business Development, Adele started off as a Pen Tester and now leads on European discussion and practicalities of safety and security critical software within the digital and transport industries. Adele has an extensive practical as well as academic background and blends the soft and hard skills for success in the world of security. In fact her international and operational experience across Europe, the Far East, Middle East and South American Continents delivers a wealth of knowledge and cultural understanding to any challenge threat or need whether at local or Governmental level .