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Prof Colin Self

Emeritus Prof. Colin Self
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologies, Institute of Cellular Medicine
Medical School
University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Colin is Emeritus Professor at Newcastle University. He was formerly Head of a large NHS-academic Clinical Biochemistry Department providing test facilities to support regional health provision.

Emeritus Professor Colin H Self is also CEO of Selective Antibodies Ltd and a physician with both a medical and scientific background and a great interest in therapeutic drugs, their use and misuse. For many years he headed a very large, leading NHS-University Clinical Biochemistry Department that provided clinical services to support regional and supra-regional health provision. Acting as Principle Investigator on many large collaborative projects in immunodiagnostic development, he has led multidisciplinary teams in diverse applications including human health, security and food and drink safety.

He conceived, proved and patented an immunodiagnostic platform taking it through development by commercial start up, growth, market development and sale of an SME in Cambridge. He was responsible for the first demonstration of the activation of antibodies by light – a technology capable of dramatically increasing the functional specificity of therapeutic anti-cancer antibodies by making them regionally specific within the body for cancer cells, leaving the rest of the body unharmed.