National Security & Resilience Conference

NS&RC Challenge Dinner

Hosted by Simon Weston OBE, the National Security & Resilience Challenge Dinner is a prestigious ticket only event.


Each year the Challenge Dinner supports the work of a charitable organisation operating within that environment. Organised by the NS&RC, the evening allows representatives from the NS&R community to pay tribute to the superb work of the many individuals and groups who work to protect and support the people of the United Kingdom.


Survivors Coalition Foundation
Safer Cities Challenge Painting

Art as a means of human expression is capable of projecting feelings, emotions, actions and events in such a way as to engage the observer in the experience.


From the artists perspective a work of art offers the potential for creative fulfilment or as in the case of the work by Beverli Rhodes a means of dealing with her own personal experience of the 7/7 London Bombings.

From a historical and personal context the work promoted in the 2016 Challenge Auction is thought provoking and symbolic of the suffering and trauma experienced by many innocent victims of terrorism around the world.

The Survivors Coalition Foundation was founded by Beverli Rhodes, a survivor of the 7/7 London Bombings in 2005.


The aspiration of the foundation is to achieve charitable status this year and to create a programme designed to support the survivors affected by such trauma both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

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